Kino no Tabi Wiki
Kino no Tabi Wiki

Kino no Tabi is a community run database for the series as such there's rules and requirements that you must follow in order to become apart of our family!

Community Policies[]

1.Age Requirement[]

You must be 13 years or older in order to join Wikia as a whole, those found to be underaged will be blocked until they reach of age.

2.Civil Behavior[]

This goes without saying, all users are expected to be civil towards each other and staff alike.

All users must display basic respect of one another, no insulting or abusing users for any reason! You will receive a warning to cease, if you do not follow the staffs directions you will be blocked depending on the severity of offense. ABSOLUTELY no targeting based on gender, religion, race/ethnicity, sexual status! These fall under the ruling of harassment.

3.Sexual Content[]

Absolutely no sexual content is to be shared or posted on this Wiki! This includes "Role-playing" with other users on places such as a message wall, these are grounds for an immediate block.