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Editing Policies[]

1.Grammar and Spelling[]

This wiki follows the conventions of American English to keep the wiki consistent.


Images must be of the highest quality, .png or a high res .jpeg/.jpg, ONLY official sourced images are to be placed within the articles themselves, fan art and so forth are allowed on profile pages.


Edits that involve heavy spoilers to the series (for newcomers and those alike) are allowed but make sure to mark your section with the Spoiler template!


Renaming an article in the case of typo or somebody who made an unofficial title is to report it to an Admin! Please do not change the title unless it is a staff member as they have the ability to erase redirects and left behind data.


If information is released other than the official sources such as the novel, anime and then forth (e.g via the official Kino website or twitter) are to use a reference tag.